Oiled Wildlife Response Support

Most organizations have limited numbers of personnel or expertise available that can support an oiled wildlife response. Generally support is limited to some of the wildlife roles in the Incident Command Centre. The majority of oiled wildlife responders are therefore sourced from those organisations already actively involved in oiled wildlife response.

APER’s Response Program

When there is an oil spill threatening or impacting wildlife an effective wildlife response system needs to be put in place as quickly as possible. APER has the experience and capacity to be appointed as the Wildlife Response Commander for the oiled wildlife response. APER can draw on its 24/7 duty system to respond to emergency oiled wildlife events and coordinate the wildlife response effort using its extensive response network. APER has access to a large pool of locally trained and experienced oiled wildlife responders that can be mobilized nationally and has access to internationally recognized oiled wildlife response organizations that can provide large scale response support.

Guaranteed Response

A retainer with APER provides assured wildlife response services on a guaranteed basis.

APER staff have supported a number of oiled wildlife responses nationally and internationally including roles as First Responders and Wildlife Response Commander positions.

Response Support

Response Support