Oiled Wildlife Response Planning

APER can provide oiled wildlife response contingency plans that are written to support response actions that will provide coordinated, immediate and effective protection, rescue and rehabilitation response actions for oil threatened and impacted wildlife. The plans can also be designed to meet any regulatory obligations.

Operational plans are developed for specifically identified risks as a part of contingency planning processes and these are written to support the development of specific incident action plans generated at the time of an oil spill incident.

Review of Existing Plans

APER can also review your existing oiled wildlife contingency planning systems providing advice on achieving best available practices and meeting regulatory obligations.

Identifying Key Staging Areas

APER also has specialized system to support the identification of key staging areas required for effective oiled wildlife response to your risk location. Principally this includes collection and transport staging areas, remote site stabilization locations and structures and facilities that can be used to establish oiled wildlife rehabilitation facilities during incidents.

APER’s staff have supported contingency planning processes for:

  • Tasmanian Government, Australia
  • Victorian Government, Australia
  • Australian Antarctic Division for Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic environments
  • International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association
  • Offshore oil and gas industries

APER’s staff have developed Incident Action Plans for a number of national and international oil spill incidents.

Response Planning

Response Planning