APER can draw on its 24/7 duty system to respond to an emergency

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APER provide coordinated, immediate and effective protection

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First nationally accredited training course in oiled wildlife response

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Asia Pacific Environmental Response

Asia Pacific Environmental Response (APER) is a specialist organisation with proven oiled wildlife and environmental response experience supported by a national and international network of personnel resources. We have a proven history of supporting oiled wildlife responses, ship grounding incidents, oil and chemical marine spills, introduced marine pest outbreaks, vehicle and train spills, industrial facility spills and industrial fires.

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Oiled Wildlife Response

APER is the only regionally based organisation that can provide oiled wildlife capacity building and response services with proven experience and expertise to back it up.

Environmental Response

APER’s specialists have been providing incident response support to industry and government organizations, nationally and internationally for incidents involving chemicals and biohazards since 1991 across a range of environments.

Nationally Accredited Training Course

APER developed Australia’s first nationally accredited training course in oiled wildlife response.

Guaranteed Response

APER has the capacity for staff to be mobilised nationally or internationally to deal with environmental incidents on a 24/7 basis.


  • Asia Pacific Environmental Response

Our vision is to provide effective response outcomes for the environment, the responsible party and the regulator during marine and terrestrial incidents.

Latest News

Cyclone Ita

Queensland’s Cyclone Ita has now dissipated and officially downgraded with no reported marine pollution incidents. This will hopefully be the last cyclone for the 2013/14 storm season.

IOSC Conference

APER’s Principal Consultant Michael Short has been invited to present a paper at the 2014 International Oil Spill Conference in Savannah, Georgia, USA in May. Michael is presenting the findings of a 2 year project in Antarctica where he investigated and developed practical and realistic solutions for oiled wildlife response to this remote and very special location.

Here are several ways to contact us

When you need help

Emergency Contact

The faster we are informed about an environmental threat, the faster we can respond. Call 04273 70707 in an emergency.

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Support Mail

If it’s not urgent you can email us. For more information on our services and packages.

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