Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response

Strengthening oiled wildlife response capability

APER works collaboratively with key global oiled wildlife response organisations such as International Bird Rescue (USA), Oiled Wildlife Care Network (California, USA), Tri-state Bird Rescue & Research (USA) and SANCCOB (South Africa) and has done so since 2000.

Principal consultant and Director Mike Short has been leading the way nationally and internationally in oiled wildlife response preparedness and response for over two decades. APER is the only regionally based organization that can provide oiled wildlife capacity building and response services with proven experience and expertise to back it up.

What We Can Provide

APER can provide contingency planning, training, simulation exercises, equipment resourcing and direct response capability that can be tailored to your specific risk identified needs.

APER has the specialist skills and resources that can support threatened and impacted wildlife including avian fauna (shorebirds, seabirds and penguins), marine mammals (seals, dugong and cetaceans) and marine reptiles (turtles, crocodiles and sea snakes).

APER has access to a large pool of locally trained and experienced oiled wildlife responders that can be mobilized nationally and has access to internationally recognized oiled wildlife response organisations that can provide large scale response support.

Proven Experience

APER’s staff have been actively involved in supporting national and international oiled wildlife response incidents for over 2 decades.

Oiled Turtle

Oiled Turtle