Equipment Resourcing

Equipment Resourcing

APER can plan your oiled wildlife response equipment needs based on your wildlife at risk situation. We can assist with the purchase of oiled wildlife response equipment and provide kit maintenance support.

APER recommends that a two stage system be adopted for equipment resourcing including a first strike response capacity and then systems to support secondary activation.

First Strike Response Equipment

First strike response capacity equipment includes resources that are immediately available to support incidents that meet the needs of response actions for the first 48 hours. These resources are held locally and are designed as response units (e.g. individual team collection kits) that can be scaled up or down pending the size of the first strike response activation.

Secondary Activation Equipment

Secondary activation involves listings of complete sets of equipment and resources that will be required to meet fully your wildlife at risk situation and is supported by identified suppliers and transport systems for purchasing and activation at the time of the incident. This approach provides both a cost and response effective mechanism.

APER’s staff have supported equipment resourcing for oiled wildlife response to a range of response organizations including the offshore oil and gas industries.